Friday, July 9, 2010

Staying cool

I guess summer is finally here in the great state of Washington. It is crazy that just last week it was barley reaching the 60's and now its in the 90's. WOW!!!
Here is a short list of the things we have been doing to stay cool the past two days.

1) Keeping a nice cool jar of fresh brewed ice tea around. Having the fans on helps also.

My teas of choice for the past few days have been passion and green. So refreshing. Ahh!

2) Go for a ride with the top down.

It was so nice of Grandma to come over today and take the little man for a slow ride around the col-de-sac. Thanks Grandma.

3) Take a dip in the pool.

The hubby finally opened up the pool yesterday and today the little man was brave enough to test out the very cold waters. It should warm up here over the next week if the weather stays nice and then we will all be venturing into the waters also.

The little lady enjoyed playing in the little pool.

4) Have naked time.

We are a clothing optional house but nothing really cools you off better than being naked. I had to do a little convincing to have the little man put on shorts tonight before our guests arrived and even more convincing to have him keep them on the whole time they were here.

Next weeks keep it cool plans involve more water, swimming and hopefully a trip to the movies to see Toy Story 3. What are some of your favorite things to do to stay cool in the heat?

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meo and hitty said...

OMG! The pic of little lady in the pool is priceless!
BTW Thanks for putting up with your brother last night.