Saturday, July 24, 2010

This week...

Has been very busy. I thought having the little man away at VBS would give me a little more time to blog, relax and do house work (in that order), but I was wrong. I have not found time to blog since Tuesday, the sink is still full of dishes and relaxing I dont know if that will ever come.
It was a fun week even though I did not get the things done that I wanted to.
The little man enjoyed his VBS. He cried the first three days and it was only five days long. I knew that he would have fun so I left him crying. When I got there to pick him up the first day he told me he had fun. So I did not feel so bad. We went back last night for his last day performance and play time. We got there early so that he could jump in the bounce house but he did not want to. When it was time to sing he did not want to either. He just stood there.
What a stubborn boy.
He even woke up this morning singing the songs and when I asked him why he did not sing yesterday he just shrugged his shoulders.
Sometimes I wish I knew what was going through his little head, but only sometimes.
About day number two of VBS he came home with a runny nose that now the little lady has it. Maybe it is the runny nose but she has not been sleeping well at night.
The little lady has always enjoyed sleeping on her belly but lately when she rolls to her belly she then thinks she needs to push herself up. So this is what she is doing at night. This is making for some really long nights. Hopefully she gets it figured out soon. Night time is for sleeping, daytime is for playing.
I just had to move her up to her medium pocket diapers for night time. Tear. She is just growing up so fast. I only have a few so I think that I am going to venture out and try wool at night.
As for diapers during the day we are going through very few maybe three, or less. Over the past month and a half I have only changed something like a hand full of poopy diapers. This I really like.
She is still really enjoying sitting on her little potty. She has completely destroyed a plant that I had sitting on the counter next to her potty. She still does not really like the big potty though. I really think that it the sound of her pee hitting the water that she does not like. She will start to go and as soon as she hears it she stops. Sometimes she will continue going but other times she wont. This makes it hard when we are out and about. Sometimes she will hold it until we get to the little potty that in the car but other times she will just go in her diaper.
Well I guess its about time to lay this sleeping baby down and try to get some sleep. Hopefully this is a good night. My fingers are crossed.
*Sorry about the lack of pictures. I tried to upload a video but an error came up and I am much too tired to deal with it today. Maybe tomorrow.

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meo and hitty said...

Hope you got a good night of sleep,hon.