Monday, July 12, 2010

Barefoot bandit

All the talk lately around here has been about Colton Harris-Moore and how he was captured yesterday.
Just a few days ago I was going through the little mans camera and I saw this photo

and it reminded me of the infamous photo of Colton Harris-Moore. You know this one.

Last month one of the local talk radio stations was talking about him and people that live off the land. And my hubby just had to call in to enlighten the talk so host about freegans.
He spent about ten minutes on the radio talking about my brother, a freegan, and about how he lives off the land. I would not really call Colton Harris-Moore a freegan but he has done a pretty good job of living off the land over the past few years.
I have wrote about him here and recently my mom wrote about him here.
I am really not trying to compare my brother to this fugitive but I guess they do have a few similarities in the way they choose to live.

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