Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WIP Wednesday and so much more

I guess it is a good thing that I did not post my work in progress last Wednesday because it would of looked the exact same.

Confession: I have not picked up my knitting in over a week!
I have been working on test knitting a little girl dress pattern for my sister. I was super excited to get the pattern from her and I cast on my stitches the following day. I was doing really good at working on it but then all of a sudden it got lost behind all of the other things I have to do in a day. I only have to finish about 5 more inches in the skirt and finish the sleeves and then it will be done. Hopefully this weekend while camping I will be able to find some time to pull it out and do a few rows. One can only hope.
I still have a number of things to do before we can head off to the ocean early Friday morning. This will be the first time our family has not stuck around home for the fourth and we are pretty excited. The little man has been pretending to light off fireworks all week long and last night he was able to light of a few with the hubby.
So my goal tomorrow is to just hang out in my PJ's and get the things done around the house in the morning and head off to Costco in the afternoon (hopefully not still in my PJ's, but we will see). I really hope that not everyone and the mother are there.
Speaking of mothers my mom posted a great poem on her blog today and yesterday she joined in on all the fun my sister and I were having posting old pictures of each other by posting another picture of my sister, my grandma and of me back in 1987.
I have been having such a hard time sleeping the past few nights because my allergies are really kicking my butt. My ears are plugged, I have a cough, my nose is stuffed, my throat is scratchy, and my chest feels like an elephant is sitting on it. If the grass pollen was not through the roof I would not be feeling as bad as I do. I am going to start taking local honey daily but they say that it wont start working till NEXT spring and I need something to help me NOW.
It is also day number two that the little man does not want to eat what I cooked for dinner. Last night I cooked sweet and sour meatballs and tonight it was Italian chicken bake. Both meals I have cooked before and both meals he eat before. Last night I saved his dinner for him and every time he told me he was hungry I said his dinner was in the fridge. He still did not eat it. So tonight when we sat down for dinner he took one bite and one lick. Later he said he was hungry so I told him I would make a PB and J and during the time it took me to make it he ate half of his dinner. He then ate his whole sandwich, crust in all. If anyone out there has any helpful tips on getting your toddler to eat send them my way otherwise I will just stick with 'He will eat when he is hungry.'
I finally tonight managed to comb out all of the little lady's cradle cap. I coated her head with Bert's Bees Apricot baby oil and got combing. Now her head is as soft as a peach and it smells like one two.
Now our family is going to cuddle up on the couch and watch the little mans favorite show, Adam and Jamie (Mythbusters) while I nurse the little lady to sleep. Hopefully I get a little more sleep tonight.

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*Michelle* said...

Hey! That dress looks great so far! :)

My advice for getting older toddlers to eat? Pick your battles & keep lots of chicken nuggets in the freezer. LOL.