Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She likes to move it

The little lady has always been a mover. I can remember her always moving when she was in my belly, so very different from her brother who I had to push to see if he was still in there. Once she came into this world the moving has not stopped.
Last month she rolled over for the first time. For the past few weeks as soon as I lay her on her back she is flipped over onto her belly (she just loves to be on her belly).

And when she gets onto her belly she is kicking her feet trying to go somewhere. The little man thinks that it is very cool that the little lady is trying to crawl. We will see how cool he thinks it is when she really starts doing it.
She looks like she is doing the worm (dance move) when she is trying to crawl. First her feet will start moving. Kicking all over the place. Then she will start pulling her legs in and pushing up her bottom. Once she had done that a few times she will start swimming with her arms. After a little while she gets really frustrated and gives up and just starts chewing on her thumb.
Before I know it she will really be on the move and I wont be able to put off cleaning my floors any longer. Who knows, the little lady might enjoy chasing dust bunnies.

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