Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday, Thursday

Last Thursday my sister started 'No excuse Thursdays'. When I read her post last week I thought that maybe, just maybe this would be the motivation I needed to get some things done. I knew what my goal was for this week, something simple and easy to ease me into this, put the large mountains of clothes away in both of the littles rooms.

I could see the light but before I knew it, it was Wednesday evening and the piles were still there.
When I got up this morning I was still not motivated. It is just still hard for me to get up at the crack of dawn (7 am) and dive into a project. I normally get up, potty the little lady, start a pot of coffee and sit down at the computer to nurse the little lady back to sleep as I catch up on all that I missed in the world as I slept. Once she is back to sleep I am stuck. If I lay her down then she will wake up and if I hold her then I cant get much done. 99% of the time I choose to hold her.
By 10 am we were all headed out to door to go a few places. By the time we got home it was already into the afternoon and it was time for me to start thinking about dinner.
After dinner I had nothing holding me back from getting done what I needed to do.

When the hubby saw me cleaning up the little ladys room he asked me if I was cleaning it so she could sleep in it. I quickly replied NO! She might like having a little more space sleep and strech out but I am not ready to give her any.


*Michelle* said...

Ah, men! Always wanting back in the bed! LOL! Glad to see you caught a little motivation! Great job. (Hey, I recognize some of those baby girl clothes-- ya think?!)

Dianne said...

Nice job...doesn't it feel good :0)