Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playing in the woods

My parent have been spending a little more time over at the lake house lately and today our family decided to come over and join them.

The weather was beautiful.
The little man had fun helping Grandma out in the over grown garden.

There is a very large garden space over at the lake but this space has not been used for the past few years so it is really over grown. They planted squash plants, pulled weeds and examined bugs. He even saw his first gardner snake that he was a little afraid of.

He also helped Grandpa spread the new gravel in the driveway.

And he took his fair share of pictures.

The last picture is of the little lady going potty outside. She has had some great potty days lately.
It brought back so many memories walking around in the woods around the lake. I am glad that the littles will get to make there own memories in the same woods.


patty-jean said...

Some great outdoor activities! Love the last photo of her foot - so great that you are doing EC!

I wish I would have worked harder on that. I get the 12month old on the potty a couple of times a week - have a book on EC - but used the terrible excuse that i didn't know anyone else who had 3 or more littles AND EC'd...perhaps I should work at it.

Love having those littles outdoors!

Dianne said...

I love, love, love the picture of Brody in the field!!!