Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bath and sleep

Yesterday was attempt number two at trying to give the little lady a bath in the big tub with her brother.
She did not like it.
I told myself last time I tried it that I was not going to try it for a while. Why dont I listen to myself?
It would just be easier if I could give both a bath at the same time but if I did that I might miss moments like this

Both kids are napping right now. One on my chest the other is in the car.
The little man woke up tired this morning. I wonder if he would of slept better if he would not of insisted on sleeping naked?
I guess I spoke too soon about both of the littles sleeping, the one on my chest is wide awake. She must of heard me typing about her.
She slept great last night. 10 hours!! We will see if that can happen again tonight.

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