Monday, June 7, 2010

Today was a good day

I had some leftover pancakes from breakfast so they are now living in my freezer until I feel like pancakes again.
The sun did not stick around all day but I am not complaining, at least it was not pouring.
We all played in the playroom for a while.

As you can tell by the photos he never got dressed today. The only reason I got dresses was to go to the grocery store. Then I came home and put them back on.

I think what made my day was when the little man and I sat down and drew pictures. I love to draw. I have been waiting for the day when he would finally start drawing people. I knew it would come and today it did. He wanted me to draw me, him and the little lady. So I did.

Then it was his turn. He wanted to draw daddy. So he did.

When he was done drawing I think that my smile on his face was bigger than his.
After we were done drawing I realize I needed to get dinner started.
While I cooked dinner both kids slept. One in the ergo and the other on a kitchen chair.

The little lady just got done nursing to sleep (hopefully for the night) and the kitchen is still clean. I think that I need to cast on another pair of shorties tonight because I heard something about temps in the 70's for next week. Maybe summer IS going to come.
Yes, today was a good day.

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