Friday, April 30, 2010

Our little town continued...

from yesterdays post
Last night our neighborhood and community got together to remember young Kelsey's life.
I had anticipated there being many people but I guess I was a little shocked as to how many young people there were.

It got me thinking about my life at 15.
I had short spiky brightly colored hair. All my clothes were from the thrift store that I would alter and add my own flair to. I wore black framed glasses and barely showered.

I had just started coming to church and it was very rare for me to miss a youth group event. I can honestly say that if I was 8 years younger Kelsey and I wound have been in the same click.
We were all asked after the candle light vigil to share our stories about Kelsey on facebook. I did that last night but I also wanted to share on my blog.
I never met Kelsey, but her story and live have made an impact on my life and many of the lives of people I come into contact with on a daily bases. I will remember her life every time I walk or drive past that wooden cross there on the side of the road. The life that was taken so soon all because one man decided to have a drink or two, get behind the wheel and hit young Kelsey as she was walking down the road.

* Yes, I did just take a picture of a picture. Yes, we do own a scanner. No this is not the first nor the last time I will do this.
** I think the pictur on the top right I am 16 but I think that you still get the idea.

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