Saturday, April 17, 2010

Real life

This is my life in a nut shell right now.
I have been running on auto pilot.
After two nights of not very good sleep, yet another clogged milk duct accompanied by a fever with hot and cold flashes and whole body aches I am starting to feel better.
I tried to get my garden in shape yesterday and my seeds planted before the rain but I was unsuccessful. Yesterday was a beautiful day.
I have washed about 7 or so loads of laundry in the past few days but nothing has been put away.
My sink is over flowing with dishes the hubby should of done a few days ago. We were on a roll for a while that if I had the dish washer unloaded than he would load it. I dont quite know what happened.
Our house needs a good cleaning if we are going to have people over tomorrow but I am just sitting at the computer in my pj's with the little lady on my lap eating a PB and J sandwich for breakfast. I guess that is more than I can say for the boys, they are still sound asleep in bed.
Maybe the boys will be up soon and they will help me clean or maybe I am just dreaming. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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*Michelle* said...

Go read this post I wrote when the girlie was little:

We all go through this. But "through" is the key word. There is another side!