Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our little town

We chose to move to our little town 5 years ago not only for its size but also for its location to our church.
Our little town has always been pretty quiet but not last night.
Last night was Wednesday, the night of the week that our church holds its mid-week service. People young and old gather for this service. When its over everyone goes there own way. Some walk, bike or get in a vehicle and head to there destination.
Last night a 15 year old gal from our church did not make it to where she was going. She was struck from behind as her and a friend were walking to her friends house. She did not survive.
When something so tragic as this happen it impacts the whole community. We will be gathering tonight near where she was hit, honoring her young life with candles.
This was not the only thing that happened in our community last night. A family in the next town over lost there father when he was shot and killed in their own home.
My thoughts and prayers are with these two families.
When my kids got up this morning I gave each one of them a great big hug and many kisses.
I am ready to have our quiet community back.


*Michelle* said...

Oh, that's horrible. I'm so sorry.

Angela said...

I am so sorry. When tragedy strikes, you do not have to personally know them to feel the pain that is left behind. Praying for all these families. Thank you for sharing.