Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where did the week go?

I feel like all I did was blink my eyes and now it is Saturday afternoon.
I spent lots of time with family, cleaning, dealing with a whining two year old and a little bit of resting.

Tuesday started off real rough. It was the start to the whining that I have heard all week. It started the minute he woke up and went on for almost an hour. Nothing I did made it any better. So after finally getting dressed we made it down to my parents house for my sisters birthday celebration. As soon as we walked in the door the little man said with a big smile on his face 'Grandma I have been whining' and that was the end of the whining for the day.
The little man had fun playing with his cousins, eating junk food and just being a kid. The visit ended up being on the short side because I wanted to make sure the little man got a nap and I had a doctor appointment early that afternoon.
The hubby drove me to my appointment because the little man was passed out in the back seat. My doctor said that the little lady is sitting really low and was a little concerned that she might be helping me to dilate already but that was not the case. I really did not need him to tell me that she is low, I could feel it. I do feel like I am having a lot more contractions with this pregnancy than the last. Just as long as she stays in for at least 3 more weeks that will be fine with me.

Wednesday I was planning on cleaning the house but I was so tired I only got a little done and the rest finished today with some much appreciated help form the hubby.

Thursday I have my moms group so I made this pretty amazing cream cheese coffee cake. After the group the little man got to play with one of his friends for a little while and I got to have even more mom time.

Friday the little man woke up in a mood. At first I thought it was because he was hungry or still tired, but I have no idea. After breakfast he was still whining and after his nap he was still whining.

Is it just a faze or is this just payback for me being a whiny kid? Is it because he knows there is going to be a baby here soon and he just feels the need to whine all the time? I have about 6 weeks or so to find out how to stop the whining, I hope that this is enough time.

I have started reading a book so we will see if maybe that can help me to get him to stop the whining. I need as much help as I can get.

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*Michelle* said...

He's almost three, correct? IME, three is a freakin' nightmare. Nevermind the terrible twos! Three is like two on steroids. Sorry!!! At four, there is light at the end of the tunnel. *hugs* Just be glad you're not 40+ facing the oh so wonderful toddler years!