Friday, January 15, 2010

And the beat goes on

The back room in our house is no more. It has been replaced by a music room. I am so excited to see the boxes and piles of STUFF gone. Some of the STUFF went to the goodwill, others to the trash/ recycling and the rest of the STUFF got organized in the many storage places in our home.

The boys are having a great time trying out the new room. Taking turns on the guitars and drums.

I just love the little mans make shift capo. Its a clip that came with our hair shaver. He has such creativity.

It was not until the hubby pulled out his guitar that that little man started playing right handed. He will still go back and forth on what hand he want to use more. Sometimes it is the right and others it is only the left. Sometimes it is both at the same time. It does not matter to me as long as he continues his love for music. And I guess if that fades I will have to learn to live with that also.

Hopefully this spring (or when the rain stops for a while) we will get a piano that will add so nicely to the room.

On a side note, just today on facebook one of my friends shared this video with me so I decided to share it with you. I dont think that this will be the type of music the little man will be playing but I have got to say that this kid has some real talent.

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