Friday, January 29, 2010

Father and Son

The little man has always been a mamas boy. I dont have a problem with it but I know that it might become a little problem when the little lady shows up.

So to help him out a little he has been spending more time just him and dad. Sometimes it is just the little things like getting a glass of milk, wiping his bottom or putting on his shoes. Other times it is the bigger things like father son outings, tucking him in to bed and building something with power tools.

As of a few weeks ago when the little man would wake up in the morning he would walk right past daddy to find me. So lately (about every week or so) I have been finding my self gone in the morning before he wakes up. The first few times he would walk all over the house looking for me and than start crying, but yesterday he woke up looked for me, asked about me and was fine. No tears.

Just maybe having another baby is going to be harder on me than the little man. We will have to see. Only time will tell.

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