Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a start to the year

January is already over. I just cant believe it.

This last year has been a little hard on our little family but when I really sit back and look back we have experienced so many blessings.

The loss of a job. When the hubby got laid off in April we did not think that it was such a blessing but as the months went on we were able to be a blessing to many people. Giving of our time and just helping out those who needed or help. We have spent some really great family time together.

The bun. Babies are always such a blessing even in hard times.

The gift of trees. In the begging of the summer we were given 7 trees to do whatever we need with. Out of those trees we were able to sell a number of cords and also keep enough wood for us to stay warm this winter and maybe even next year.

A new wood stove. To help us burn all of the wood the city of Tacoma thought there clean air act gave us $2,800 to go toward the purchase of a new wood stove. We are still waiting on it but it should be here very soon.

Paid medical bills. Two Decembers ago the little man went in for surgery. Even though we had medical insurance we were still left with a large bill. We had been paying on it but this last month we got a collections notice on it. After talking with them and applying for financial assistance our balance was paid 100%.

Taxes. We normally go get our taxes done by a gal but this year we did them online and to our surprise we are getting back twice as much as we thought we would.

God has shown us so much blessing during our time of need. We still remain faithful in our giving have never missed or been late on any bills.

I have learned that through hard times it does no good to dwell on the bad. I am just going to stay positive and keep looking at the good.

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meomagic said...

Oh, My dear little girl...
YOU are the blessing!!!
I love you.