Friday, January 8, 2010

Macaroni and music

So this new year I have been trying out some new recipes and trying to use the great invention called the 'crock pot' a little more. I have a wonderful crock pot book that I like to look thought every now and again. The only thing that I really dont like about it is that there are no pictures and no ratings but ever recipe still makes my mouth water. So after looking through many cook books I always end up back at the same place

So I came across this recipe for macaroni and cheese in the crock pot and I just had to try it out. So that is what we had for dinner tonight.

It did not turn out half bad. I did change up the recipe a little by not cooking the noodles before hand. It was not as creamy as I would of liked but it still had a great flavor and both of the men liked it. I think that I will try making it again but next time I might add a little more milk and cheese to maybe make it a little more creamy.

After dinner the hubby and a few friends got together for a little jam session at the church. The little man and I stopped by for a little while but by the time they started playing it was already after 9pm. So we stayed for a few songs. The little man was really excited to see his daddy playing the drums.

The little man jamming out before we headed home. Now he is all tucked into his sleeping bag sound asleep in his bed. Getting ready for our busy day tomorrow.

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