Saturday, January 2, 2010

Duck, Duck

We have been spending lots of time up at the church lately, getting the last minute things finished before the 'soft' opening on Sunday (Tomorrow). I cant believe that the day is almost here.

While the hubby works hard and I do a little here and a little there the little man has to find things to do to keep himself busy. He will go off into the two and three year old classroom and play cars, Lego's or cook up a pretend dinner. Sometimes he will grab his tools and 'help' Daddy or anyone else that needs help.

Most of the time there are other kids up there to play with. I went to go check on them yesterday and this is what I saw.

The little man involved in his first game of duck, duck, goose. As you can tell he is still grasping the concept.

He really does not seem to mind that most of our days lately have started and ended with church.

Tomorrow is the big day. I am ready. I am excited. Now off to the church for another late night of cleaning. It is so worth it.

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