Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Camping out

In the living room.

The little man received a sleeping bag for Christmas from his Grandma and Grandpa O. So today he wanted to take it out.

So he took is nap in it with his John Deere blanket (also from Christmas) out in front of the fire in the living room.

Nap and bed time have become a battle (again) in our house. So any way that I could get him to take a nap without a struggle was fine with me. Maybe tonight will be a little better. If the sleeping bag helps him to 'sleep better' than he can sleep in it every night.

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Amber said...

Silas stopped napping a while ago (except for every now and then, he might fall asleep in the car). To me this is a good thing because bed time is SOOO much easier. He's asleep by 7 or 7:30 and goes down really easily. When he was napping, his bedtime was later and it would take him an hour to fall asleep. That transition between napping and not napping can be such a challenge. Good luck! Oh, and if the sleeping bag works for naps/bedtime, I say go for it! Such a cute camper :)