Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a weekend

Friday afternoon I got a phone call from my mom who told me that my brother was at her house. Not my brother that lives down the street but my brother that lives in the wilderness of Northern Washington. The one that I have not seen in years.
This was the first time the little man got to meet his Uncle Doug (I was very surprised that before the night was over he was able to call him by name). We got to sit and catch up a little and he taught the little man how to do a google search.

googleing (yes thats my brother not a Geico cave man)

It was so nice to see him we stayed there till 9:30pm. Hopefully it wont be another two years before we see him again.
Saturday the little man helped me make our first carrot cake.

He enjoyed playing in the shredded carrots and stirring it 'round' and 'round'.

Our plans were to go out to dinner with some friends to harbor lights but they both got sick so we had a change of plans. So we invited the hubby's family. It was a very enjoyable dinner. I had great fish and chips and the hubby had what he says was the best steak he ever had, we both ended up with horrible heart burn, but it was worth it.
Sunday we had an EC play date. I am a member of a diaper free baby yahoo group. It was nice to get to meet some other moms and kids who have gone down the same road we are on. Before today I had only meet two other moms and one on blogger who have or are ECing their children. Hopefully we will be able to make it to some more get togethers soon.

Out after a long weekend

I hope that everyone else had a great weekend.

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