Saturday, January 10, 2009

It has been a week already


Where did the week go. So I guess I should do a little recap.

Last Saturday I changed the little mans bed into a big boy toddler bed. My hubby was not excited as I was about it. He did a great job staying in it the first few nights but he soon learned that he can climb out of it at night. So you hear the slamming open of his door and then the pitter patter of his feet coming down the hallway right to our bedroom. He pushed open out door, I come and find him and he leades me back to his room where he wants me to sit in the rocking chair with him. Well this has only happened a few times, most of the times he still cries when he wakes up.

I think that everything is going really well. He has not slept in our bed for 5 nights or so. I think that once we get him to want to sleep in his bed more than we can start working on the other night time issues. The hubby wants to changes his bed back to a crib so that we can sleep train him (sad), but than once we change this bed back to a toddler bed than we will have the same problems again. I say if he really wants to sleep train him we need to do it while he is in a toddler bed.

Well anyway on a much less controversial subject I finished my first scarf. I think that I still want to add some flowers to it.

On Thursday at MOPS our subject was friends. I was so nice to hear that I am not the only one out there in the world looking for friends. They reminded me that I need to look beside me, behind me, and before me for friends. Just because someones kids are not the same age as my kid or even if they dont have any kids at all does not mean that they cant be my friend. I just need to remember to make time for them.

I hope that every ones week went well and I am so glad that it stopped raining.


BundlebooMaMa said...

Your scarf turned out great!!! Thanks for the kind compliment about my pics, I have recently discovered that this might be a fun new hobby for me. As far as the Amber...Im honestly not sure...she doesn't drool nearly as much as my other two did...and she fusses less...but that may be because shes a different baby. I should take it off for a day or so and that mean?

*Michelle* said...

Your scarf is cute, Karen! :D Flowers would be adorable, yes. Stick to you guns with the whole sleep "trainging" thing. You know in your heart what is right. He will sleep on his own someday, don't worry. Not that I'm one to give advice with two still in the danged bed! Ha.

*Michelle* said...

Please excuse my lazy Sunday typos!