Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two days of outings

Yesterday we had our norm play date at 9am. We had to leave it a little early and headed over to the local book store for another get together. After lunch two other moms and I headed over to the mall for some window shopping and some much needed walking. The little man took his nap in the mei tai for about an hour (much shorter than normal). We got home just after 3pm.
Today we headed over to my sisters house to spend some time with her two little ones while she was at work. We got there just after 9am. The little man had a blast playing with his cousins. He was so tired by the time we left at just after 2pm he put his blanket over his face and was out.

I did not want to wake him up so I hung around my parents house for a while and when he woke up he wanted to play in 'Grampa' and 'Grammas' very cool play closet. They just put up a white board and the little man enjoyed coloring on it.

Yes, I have that child

When we finally got home I decided my neglected house needed some TLC. Where to start? The pile of dishes in the sink sounded good. The little man helped me put the spoons in.

They are never to young to learn to help mama out a little.

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