Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A diaper for my big boy

Today I pulled out the sewing machine and made my first fitted diaper. I know what you are thinking "the little man is out of diapers why do you need fitted diapers?" It is true he is out of diapers during the day but at night me still 'wets the bed'. I am fed up with my cheep AIO (all in ones) that stink and are WAY too bulky. Every night when I get the little man PJ's on my hubby laughs when he sees the little mans diaper bulge. So I am thinking that the fitted diapers with a hemp insert will be less bulky and just as absorbent. There has been a few nights where he has stayed dry and hopefully there are more to come.

It is a good thing that the little man is out of diapers because as soon as I put it on him to try and take a picture of it he was trying to get it off. These were the best pictures. I made it out of a pale blue flannel bed sheet. It is somewhat straight and somewhat symmetrical. I will try it on him tonight and let you all know how it worked. If it works out well I have 2 more to sew up. I dont think that I am going to quit my day/night job to sew diapers. Thankfully I dont have to.

Also guess what the little man has learned to do. He can now go potty all on his own (if he is not wearing pants). He climbs up on his stool, lifts up the seat, pulls up his shirt, goes potty, puts the seat down and flushes. Earlier today I SAT him down on the potty. He got mad climbed off and STOOD and went potty. He is getting so big.

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Amber said...

Sounds like he's doing great with the potty training! We have yet to move Silas from his little potty to the big potty, but he's definitely interested in the whole standing up thing. Oh, and about your last post, well, peeing on the floor just seems to go with the territory. It's how they learn, right?