Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not me Mondays on Tuesday

Well it is Tuesday already. Where did Monday go?

Yesterday I did not neglect my kid so that I could clean my house. I did not get the kitchen, living room, family room, the little mans room and the toilet clean but I still did not find time to vacuum or sweep.
I did not put the little mans boots on the wrong feet. He was not putting them on all by his self when I just had to but in and tell him what to do. I thought he was putting them on the wrong feet but I was the one who was turned around. My toddler is smarted than I am!!
I did not go to the store at 7pm just to buy ice cream, to eat while watching House, and came home with a whole shopping bag full of food.
Well and than today I did not go down to my parents house to watch history in the making in a dirty sweatshirt, with out a shower, deodorant, or even combing my hair.
History does not care what I look like and neither do I.


BundlebooMaMa said...

sounds like a typical day to me...lol.

craftmonkey said...

So I made my own blog sence it was the only way i could have you guys view photos and video that i wanted to post. Still learning all this blog stuff sence all i know is the old school way of chat forums. see you guys soon