Thursday, January 22, 2009

Adventures with Elmo

Almost since the little man has been sleeping in his big boy bed he has had a bed mate. No not me but a big 3 foot stuffed Elmo.

A few days ago he came running down the hall at 7am holding his Elmo.
What are you doing honey?
No, no melmo.
You dont want Elmo any more in your bed?
Pointing to the playroom and saying No, no melmo again, we placed him on the couch.
The little man and I went back to his room. He nursed for a little while and than was ready to lay back down. As soon as I put him back in his bed he asked
Where melmo?
Do you want Elmo in your bed?
Ya with a big nod and smile on his face.
I went and got him and the was back off to sleep.

A few of the many thing that I do for the little man. This is just my life.

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