Thursday, April 28, 2011


I got asked the question today 'Is she (referring to the 13 1/2 month old little lady) potty training?'
I had to stop and think for a little while. I have been ECing for over a year now and I guess I dont really think of it as potty training I think if it more as just a part of my life. It has become second nature. After she nurses I offer the potty, when she wakes from her nap I offer the potty, when she starts grabbing herself I offer the potty. Doesnt everyone?
I dont make a big deal about accidents. We just clean them up and go about our day.
So I answer with a smile 'Yes, she is potty trained.'
The little lady has been wearing panties for over two weeks now. Some days are filled full of accidents and other have none.. so I guess it keeps things fresh and exciting.
If I really feel like living on the edge I will leave the house with out a change of clothes. But most of the time I have a little backpack full of pants and underwear, just in case.
The hardest thing about the little lady wearing panties has been finding pants that fit her. Before her cloth diaper held up her pants very nicely and now with out that extra padding they just fall right down. I guess that the price that I have to pay for ECing.
Last nigh the little lady woke up just after 9pm. I could hear her saying 'Ma.' I went in to check on her. I picked her up and started rocking her. She started telling me that she needed to poo by starting to push (many times she will use the ASL sign for poop, but I guess not when she is half asleep). I asked her if she needed to go and she shook her head yes.
She then sat on her little potty on the counter in the bathroom and pooed. She was so cute half asleep leaning over and laying her head on my chest and wrapping her arms around my back.
It was so nice to just wipe a bottom than having to change a poopy diaper in the middle of the night.
Yay for Elimination Communication.
The little lady helping her dolly go potty

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