Thursday, April 28, 2011

Better late than never

So I just got around to editing and going through our Easter egg hunt pictures last night.
I was already to post them and than the little lady woke up wanting to poo.. so that was the end of that idea. For some odd reason she slept really bad last night and now I am just kind of in a fog today. That kind of come with the job title of being a mom doent it. Anyway on to egg hunt pictures.
 Before the hunt started the littles thought it would be a great time to pick flowers and there were lots to chose from.
 The weather was amazing. I want to say that it was in the 70's. I even ended up with a red neck.

The little lady decided to start the egg hunt before everyone else. She just slipped under the caution tape and found herself an egg.
When it was time to start she was not sure about the eggs. At first she thought that they were balls so she started throwing them.

 With help from the whole family pretty soon her little basket was over flowing.
 There were so many eggs in the first timers hunt that were were tossing them over the tape into the 3 and under hunt.
 The little man knew just what to do when it was his turn to hunt.
 He has done this a few times before. (you can see the posts here, here and here)
 The egg hunt post from last year.

Until next year Easter eggs.

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