Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I think that the sun is just pulling all of the energy out of the littles.
Both were sound asleep by 7:30 tonight.
I am not complaining just still in shock a little by my quiet evening.
There is so much I should of done but nothing got done. Why is it that sleeping babies feel so amazing in your arms? I just did not want to put her down. With the little man sleeping soundly next to us was just the icing on the cake. I just wanted to curl up with them and sleep the night away.
I know in just a blink of an eye the littles will be all grown. They are already getting so big.
Tomorrow the little man will be riding the bus to school for the first time. He is very excited but I think that I might just cry. He is so little and the bus is so big (even though it is a just a little bus). Hopefully we dont have any big battles in the morning and he can make it to the bus on time. I can just hear him now freaking out because he missed the bus. My goal is to be ready ten minutes before the bus is to arrive so that there is no way that he misses it.
The little lady has now learned to climb up onto the kitchen chairs and the dining room chairs. So I pulled out the booster chair for her to use every one and a while. She seems to enjoy sitting in it as long as there is food in front of her. I have not found a chair that the little lady can not climb or squirm out of.

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