Thursday, April 7, 2011

A hubby post

I interrupt this post with an announcement.
My point and shoot camera has been found and you will never guess where it was hiding?
Did you guess?
Are yo you ready for the answer?
It was in my closet and guess who found it? The little man. I am guessing that the person that found it was also the person who put it there in the first place but I still gave him a big hug and kiss when he appeared with it last night.
On a side note none of the pictures in this post were taken with it but I am still very happy it was found.

Back to my post about my hubby.
When the hubby got layed-off two years ago he started mowing lawns. Because he started mowing lawns he started buying used lawn equipment. And because used equipment did not always run right he learned how to do small engine repair.
So now  he does not just fix his stuff he also fixes friends.
It normal for our garage to have 3 or 4 lawn mowers, 4 or more weed eaters and an edger or two in it at various levels of being put back together.
The hubby has come across some good deals. Sometimes he will keep the item. Other times he gets it running and sells it for a profit.
His motto is 'Preventive maintenance.'
Thanks hubby for getting your hands dirty.
And for having a birthday this week. I know that you just think that its another day but its not. Its your day. We love you.

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