Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Color my world

I made the little man a journal to draw and write in.
Today I asked him to draw what he would like to grow in our garden.
He drew a carrot, lettuce, an eggplant and some soil.
Well he is in luck, all those items will hopefully be growing in our garden soon.
After his garden drawings he wanted to do some writing.
He has learned how to spell a few three letter words with the help of the word wammer. All on his own he learned off and cat. Both words are located on the word wammer but he hunted for the letters on the fridge and put them in the correct order.
 I also helped him spell cop because I knew that he would like it. After we put the letters for cop in the word wammer he then wrote the letters in his journal.

The little lady wanted to color with us also.
 I think most of her drawings ended up on her hand.

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meo said...

Do you realize how smart The Littles are? Amazing!!!!