Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunshine, seeds and a salamander

Yesterday was beautiful.
I walked the mile and a half to pick up the little man from school. It was tough but I made it and I will do it again (I do feel the burn today).
Then we walked over to the park to play with some friends. When we go home the littles still wanted to play outside so we did, even though I just wanted to sit down and give my feet a rest.
It was so warm that the little lady ran around diaper free.

She enjoyed watching her brother explore but when he started having 'lots' of fun she just had to join in.

 {I just love the flip flops on wrong feet}
 The wonderful weather got me really thinking about all of the seed packets that I have that need to be planted.
 So today we went over to the lake house and I was able to start some seeds in the greenhouse. I planted tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. I have never grown eggplant before, so this is a first for me. I dont think that I have even ever ate it before.
I dont really know much about gardening at all. Everything I have learned just from talking to people and reading this site.
Next week my Holistic moms group will be chatting about gardening but I knew I had to get these few seeds started now (they should of been started a few weeks ago). I am hoping next week that I will have a little more knowledge about this subject.
While over at the lake I got to show the little what a salamander looks like. Neither one of the littles were very interested. I thought it was cool.
Its spring. I am so happy.

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