Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our bathroom

Next to our kitchen, our bathroom gets used the most in our house. It may only be something like 3'x8' but it gets used, a lot.
It gets used for playing in.
A few months ago this was the little lady's favorite room to play in. We would have to keep the door closed so she would not play in the toilet. Yuck.
Now she will still go over to the toilet and bang on the lid but thats one of her ways of telling me that she need to go potty.
The toilet paper is still one of her favorites. As soon as she sits down on the potty the reaches for it. I have tried keeping the roll off but the little man gets upset when there is no TP on the holder.
The little man enjoys playing in the sink. He will fill it half full and 'wash' it. 80% of the water stays in the sink.
He also thinks that it is funny to drink 'sink' water. Most of the time he drinks water from our fridge, so he thinks that the water from the sink is a different kind of water. Silly, silly boy.
Just like most bathrooms out there we use ours for bathing.

We also use it for the obvious.

It would be nice if it was a little bigger, never smelled like pee and was self cleaning. But since none of those things will ever happen we will just keep using it the way that it is.

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