Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lunch with the hubby

Most days the littles and I like to go up and have lunch with the hubby.
I have really enjoyed not having to have a lunch packed for the hubby before he leaves for work in the morning. He does not leave early but it one less thing to do as soon as I get up in the morning.
Most days lunch is just leftovers from dinner or a sandwich. Today lunch was leftover chicken and brown rice and PB and J sandwich's on fresh made bread.
The littles enjoy having lunch with the hubby also. But I have noticed over the past week or so its not as enjoyable for me. The main reason is because the little lady is always wondering off, climbing the stairs or getting into something.
Most of the time the little lady is hungry also. I cant just give her some food because she ends up walking around with it leaving a trail everywhere she goes. I dont need to create more work for the the hubby. So I end up holding her and giving her bites of my food.
I really enjoy holding her and I know real soon she will be too big to be held but holding her when she wants down is like wrestling a soapy alligator. No joke.
She is so strong that I get a full upper body work out in just a few minutes. I have to stand because if I sit it givers her the advantage and she will use her legs also and climb right out of my arms onto the table.
By the time I get home I am ready for a nap. Good thing most of the time she is also.
After we are all done eating comes the fun part. Most days the gym is empty and the littles can run or play basketball and other days the hubby might have the dollies or the lift out and it is time for some rides.
The little lady will go climb right into the dolly and sit nicely waiting for someone to push her around.

 Why is it that she can sit so still here but not during lunch?!?
I was just telling the hubby the other day that we need to go have a picnic as a family and the little man reminded me that we get to have a picnic with daddy at work. You are so right little man. I hope that you remember these wonderful little times we share as a family when you are big and grown.

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