Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I have just been in aw of my kids lately. Its not that I am not always in aw of them it that I have just really started to take the time to notice it.
Since the little lady's birthday party on Sunday I just really started to notice how much they are growing up and how fast. (A big thank you to all of my crazy wonderful family that came out and celebrated with us. We are truly blessed to have every one of you in our lives. A picture post from the day to come, hopefully.)
Since her birthday the little lady has decided that she can now walk down stairs.
She can not but she thinks she can. We only have two steps in our house that lead into our sunken living room. She fell down them many times before learning to turn around and crawl down bottom first. But I guess now since she is walking all the time, and so close to running, the crawling is no longer needed. I dont know how many more falls it will take before she figures out how to do it, but we will see.
She has also learned how to put toys away, climb up into the learning tower, put on our shoes, sign poop (and then walk to the potty and go), flush the toilet, throw things away in the trash (not always a good thing), and climb into her rocking chair and rock.

The little man is just getting so creative. He can turn anything into something fun.
On Monday we were up at the church and he found a princess wand. With in minutes it was no longer a wand it had become a telescope, than it became a gun, a drill, a jack hammer and even a fishing poll before he was off to explore something else.
He come home from school on Friday very excited to show me that he could write his name. Up until last week he was only writing the first letter and now the whole thing.
Really, kids when did you get so big!?!

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