Wednesday, March 16, 2011


For the first time in weeks I remembered to take some pictures with something other than my phone. 

 I dont really know how she does it but the little lady has learned to hold her pee. Today it was for five hours!! I took her to the potty at least 3 times during that 5 hour stretch and every time she refused to go. So when she finally woke up from her nap and still had a dry diaper I knew the pee had to be coming soon. And it did, in the potty where it belongs.
She has been doing a great job of telling (signing) when she needs to go. Some days she only goes through one diaper and others its a little more. Soon we will be over this hump and onto another one.

The little man and I are not butting heads as often. We still get frustrated with each other but we are learning how to work with our different personalities.
He learned today that he needs to tell me that he is tired (or just go lay down) before he starts whining non stop and I start getting frustrated at the situation. If he is tired than by all means take a nap but if you are just going to start whining because you are board or did not get you way, thats when I start to loose it.
Its getting better. I am learning also.
We were even able to play outside on this beautiful evening. Having more light in the evenings is so nice. I am looking forward to spring. This March has been so windy and rainy. Hopefully its true if March comes in like a lion it better go out like a lamb... I am ready for the lamb.

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