Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Twenty Five

On Monday I turned a quarter of a century old.
To help celebrate my twenty five years of life here are 25 things that have happened in my life since I turned 25.
-I had two amazing dinners out with my wonderful parents and in-laws.
-I bought an eighth of an all natural, hormone free, antibiotic free, gain feed cow.
-Shared coffee with a good friend.
-Spent lots of time outside enjoying the weather.
-The littles had there first play in the sprinkler of the year.
-They learned really fast that the water was very cold and the sprinkler shoots the water out very hard.
-The little man learned how to play checkers.
-He also thinks that silly faces count as smiles.
-I finally found and bought a dehydrator off of Craigslist.
-Right now I am drying bananas and apples. I am super excited to try them tomorrow when they are finished.
-The little lady woke up dry from bed last night.
-The little lady has mastered how to take on and off her pants and she does not want any help.
-Her taking on and off her pants will keep her occupied for a while.
-All of my laundry in my house is washed.. put away is a different story.
-I was able to dry some of my clothes and towels outside in the sun.
-Anything is free game to use as a drying spot outside. Fence, drying rack, bench, play toy.
-I learned that when you turn your back to the clothes drying outside some might walk off and become a fort.
-The little man learned that there are little green frogs in the back yard if you look close enough.
-He also learned that they are a little slimy and that they eat bugs.
-So he than tried to make a trap to catch more.
-I also had to teach him that we dont eat the frogs that are in our back yard when I noticed him walking around with a butter knife 'hunting.'
-The little lady enjoys playing with play dough.
-She now know it does not taste very good.
-These two just light up my life...
But I am pretty sure I already knew that.
-I think that life must gets better with age.


Sandra said...

Oh my, I just love the idea of him catching frogs and wanting to eat them! Totally adorable! And who needs a drying rack when you have that amazing fence? Awesome kiddos, totally awesome mom!

meo said...

Take my word for it...Life does get better and better!

Love You!