Monday, August 15, 2011

Twist, turn, jump and climb

For the little mans birthday he was given a pass good for 4 classes at The Little Gym.
He was totally unsure about it when we first showed up at the gym three weeks ago but I know he has enjoyed every minute of classes even though he wont admit it.
Each week they have a theme that lets the kids imaginations run wild.
He has experiences sports week and got to use different type of balls and even some tennis rackets. There was prince and princess week where they pretended the gym was a enchanted forest and a magic well that the little man tied not to fall into.
His favorite theme was probably pirate day, complete with a sunken ship that they had to raise.
On the morning of the pirate day he did not want to go to classes. But when he got there and started talking with his teachers he decided he would try it for a little while and ended up playing and enjoying the whole class.

While the little man is in the gym using his imagination I am using mine to keep the little lady occupied during the hour class.
We spend so time playing in the dance room exploring the wall of mirrors.
We always have to visit the bathroom a few times, not to go, but to use the little paper cups to get a drink and a wet paper towel to wash everything.
One day it will be her turn to explore the gym but until then she enjoys watching.

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