Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Around our neighborhood

We went for a little walk to visit some friends that live a few blocks away. We have walked there many times but this time we all walked (no stroller).
 (Dont you just love his outfit?! We were just about out of the house when the little man thought he might get cold. I tired to tell him he was not going to need one but he thought he did. So he went back to his room and showed up with his Greg coat. So yes, it was my son that you saw walking down the street in the middle of August wearing a brown crushed velvet coat with orange flip flops and plaid shorts.)
It took about double the amount of time to make it there but I think both kids enjoyed it.
The little man lead the way while I tried to make sure that the little lady did not wonder too far into the street.
Every time a car drove by the little lady had to stop and watch it. It was really cute but made for a long walk. I did bring the Ergo just in case but I did not have to put her in it till the walk home.
On the way home the little man spotted a very cool leaf that he wanted to bring home.We also picked up some ferns.
So when we got home we did some nature walk pictures and furn rubbings.

Yesterday was also garbage and recycling day, so we waited around outside until the recycling truck showed up.
The little man just loves watching the robotic arm on the truck pick up the can and toss its contents into the back of the truck.
We had a fun filled day only going a few blocks from our home and never having to start up the car.

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