Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Splashing with friends

We took a drive to visit the amazing park with the water again. And like always we had a great time. But I dont think that you can ever have a bad time when you mix kids, friends and water.
The weather was a little over cast so the littles did not want to put on the shorts so they just ended up playing in there jeans and just changing into dry clothes before the ride home.
The little man and his friends did a little more exploring of the banks around the river.
One side is flat and ends up leading to the play area and the other side is a hill that also has many trees to play among.
One of the large trees fell down over the years so there is a large log and massive roots to hide under. He boys made a camp out of the log. After they were done camping they had fun trying to catch fish in the river.
The boys did a great job of letting the little sisters join in on the fun also.
Toward the end of our playing at the park the kids learned that flip flops float. So the shoes ended up magically turning into boats that the kids had to catch before they got caught under the bridge.
Fun was had by all even though the day at the river ended in tears.

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