Thursday, July 21, 2011

Playing in the park

Our fall summer weather here has been very fall like. It has been very cloudy in the mornings and as the day goes on the sun eventually comes out and so does the wind.
So our family have been spending many evenings up at the school.
 The hubby is back on a kite trip. He has been thinking about kites night and day since we got back from the ocean. So this weather has been nice since he has be able to get out and fly as long as as it is not raining.
 The littles have fun exploring the playground at the school.
 It is just amazing that in just a short year the little man will be going to school here. *sigh*

 During this trip to the park the little lady decided that the bridge was not scary and spent most of the time running across it.
It just bring such a big smile to my face to watch my children play together and do fun, spontaneous things as a family.

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