Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunshine and rain drops

Today the sun was out, just like it has been for the past few weeks (Maybe summer is really here).
So after out morning get together with some great mamas we came home, stripped off our clothes and played in the water in the backyard.
Filling up the little pool Rubbermaid tub is one of the only ways that I keep the little lady from digging in my garden or whats left of it. She has already pulled out most of my starts that were in the garden. Between her and the slugs we have only enjoyed some spinach and a hand full of carrots and radishes. The little man loves to help in the garden. He is always asking me if it needs watered but he wont anything out of it.
We were not out in the sun for very long before the clouds started rolling in. Just before they opened up and started dropping these huge raindrops we pulled in all the clothes that were sprawled all over the backyard.
Once inside the littles did an amazing job playing. The little man chose to play with a toy computer (a hot toy in our home). I was so surprised that the little lady did not try to take his but walked down the hall and found the other one.
The little man likes to play the different activities that are on the computers while the little lady just likes to sit on it our pound on the buttons.
We had a great day living life and I am loving every moment of it.

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