Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clothing optional house

If you were to stop by our house to surprise us, you might be the one surprised.
Clothing is very optional in our house and when it comes to the little lady it is discouraged.
When we are home she spend most of the time at least naked from the waste down. This is mainly to help make potty runs smoother.
The little lady like to do most things herself. She knows how to pull down her pants but does not always want to or if she does than she wont want help pulling them up and she ends up getting very frustrated. We have had a few times where she has sat down to go potty and ended up peeing on her pants so we just decided to do away with pants in the house. We will go back to them once she understands the concept a little better.
She does still have accidents every once in a while but not many.
I even found her in the bathroom the other day, sitting on her little potty, in the dark, going poo. She was very proud of herself when she was all done. She only needed my help to wipe her bum and dump the potty. Over this past month I dont think that she has had one accident during nap and when she is waking in the morning her diapers dont seem to be as full.
Hopefully we will be on track to be out of diapers by 2, just like the little man was and a little less laundry for the mama.

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