Saturday, December 25, 2010

Phone post fail

I guess this is what your post look like when you do your first and last ever post via phone.
? l6? ^?Au8(?f???9?L ??t??N ?A????v?At?? ???n2??>?? t9Lv)??7??>??.

That is not what I typed at all.
It went more along the lines of...
I am going to call it a night. I am not feeling  so hot and tomorrow is a big day. I have cin. rolls to make and lots of family to see. Hopefully the little lady lets me sleep. That would be a great Christmas gift.
So I have a large cup of peppermint tea and I am going to crawl into bed and hopefully wake up all rested, with out a burning throat and foggy head.
December 23, 2010

And to make things even worse I started getting texts from blogger about 11pm saying that my post was successful. I wrote and sent this post at 9pm.
Blogger could not just send me one text they had keep sending me texts every 15 minutes until I text them back to STOP.
By this time I was already out on the couch trying to go to sleep with a very unhappy little lady. Once I finally got her to sleep I grabbed my computer and checked my blog to see what my post looked like. All I saw wasnot one but two post of all those question marks and numbers. I quickly erased them so that no one would think that I completely lost it.
Then come to find out today when I finally had a few minutes to check my blog there was another one posted on there.
No thank you mobile blogging. You dont seem to work for me.
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas.


Amber said...

I thought maybe your blogger account got hacked. Glad to know it wasn't! Merry Christmas!

Megan, Maggie, Mama said...

Stupid technology! I say we all go back to the woods and send smoke signals to each other. OK, maybe not. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas, blogfriend!