Friday, December 10, 2010

Fails on Friday

I can write a whole list of reasons for not posting very much on my blog lately but I am not going to. I am just going to start from today.

Today started out like any other Friday.
I dropped the little man off at school. He was very excited to wear his police coat and hat.
Kisses were exchanged and the little lady and I hoped back into the car. Instead of heading home we kept driving until we made it to Ikea.
We found a parking spot right away. I started gathering my items together and I noticed something was missing. My wallet. REALLY! I could not believe it. FAIL
I started thinking and I could picture in my head exactly where it is sitting at HOME. How am I going to get the Christmas gifts that I took this trip out here for?
Then a light bulb came on. I have some CASH in the car. I was very excited to see these crisp green bills.
I ended up having just enough for ALL of the items.
So maybe my Friday was not a total fail.
Can you guess who Santa is in this picture of the littles?
Did you guess?
Yes it is who you think it is.
The hubby.
The little man said tonight at dinner 'Daddy is Santa.' Yes little man the hubby does make a pretty good Santa.

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