Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We made it

Through the first day of school.
The day started off like any other. I first heard his little feet go pitter patter stomp stomp down the hall and then I was greeted with his smiling face.
I asked him if he remembered what today was and he thought really hard about it and exclaimed 'School.'
When it was time to get dressed he knew just what to wear. His green loud car shirt, basketball shoes and his tie.
Before I had time to really grasp what was happening we were in the car half way to school. My little man, my first born was going to school.
We found the right spot to hang his coat and backpack. He greeted his new teacher and washed his hand and found a seat for breakfast. I stayed and watched him eat. He was fine, but it was me that needed to stay. I wanted to stay all day but I knew I couldn't.
When it was time to get up from the table we walked around the room together looking for just the right spot to play. Then he spotted the basket with the cars and I knew it was time for me to leave. He gave me a kiss and I walked slowly to the door.
Deep down, well not too deep, I wanted him to cry for me or run after me or at least be a little sad that I was leaving. But he didn't. He just sat right down and played with the other kids. It not that I want him to be sad I just wanted him to need me. I did not cry as I walked up the stairs. I was happy for him.
It makes me happy to know that he can make it in the world with out me but it is also sad at the same time.
Tomorrow is day number two and I wounder what it has in store.

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