Friday, September 10, 2010


Just a short stroll away from our camp site was a river that we decided to go exploring in.

At this spots the water was nice and calm. There was a wonderful large beach and bank to play on and we had the whole area to ourselves.

The littles were able to explore.
The little man had fun playing in a large hole that he called the 'baseball field'.

He also explored the water looking for fish and whatever else he could find.

The little lady spent most of her time exploring the sand.

Until she did this.

And I threw down the camera (the hubby picked it up) and I made this face.

And she made this face.

And of course she got very sad that I tried to take the sand from her mouth.

As soon as I got as much sand as I could out of her mouth she was shoveling handfuls of it back in there.
There is no way that sand tastes good.
Hopefully by the next time we make it down to the river she will learn that sand is not for eating.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mama for making our camping week such a fun one.
Love "The Hubby"