Thursday, September 16, 2010

Head in the clouds

That is how I felt today (well... really this whole week).  I dont know if it has to do with the weather change, the alignment of the planets (like my sister keeps saying), or if it is just my lack of sleep these days. Whatever it is I hope I find my way out of it soon. I have things to do.
Fall is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest. I have lost count of the rainy days already. The rain is good (thats what I have to keep telling myself). The rain is helping our pumpkins grow. The hubby and little man are really excited about our home grown pumpkins. The hubby even picked up some massive pumpkin seeds at the fair. The seeds say that they grow 500 pound pumpkins. So we will see if we can grow massive pumpkins next year. This year we will just have to settle for our normal sized pumpkins.

Here is a picture from the fair. The little man does not look very happy, maybe he was trying to look tough with all his tattoos. See the massive pumpkin over his left shoulder. That's what our magic seeds are going produce.
Speaking of the fair, we had a great time. We went with some good friend of ours an the kids had a blast exploring, riding rides and just being kids. Next year the little lady will be able to explore the fair also. She spent most of her fair experience in arms. When ever we took a break I would try and find a patch of grass that she could explore.

We took a trip to Costco tonight and the little lady had her first cart ride. She made it about half way through the store before she found her way back into my arms. She was so cute sitting there next to her brother.
Hopefully the clouds will be lifted tomorrow because I got apples to pick and apple sauce to make.

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*Michelle* said...

I remember that dress!!! So cute. :)