Friday, September 3, 2010

Our trip to the mount

Since we were just a few miles (30 some) away from Mount St Helens we decided to take the drive.
Oh what a drive it was.
The 30 some miles of winding roads and the edge of the hill side on the other. It took us over an hour to make it up the steep hill side. Our truck had a half a tank of gas when we started the trek and we were on E as we came down. But it was worth it. The views were stunning.

When we got to windy pass it sure was windy (I guess that how it got its name).
There was also a large set of stairs that lead to the top of a of a look out.

Once we got up to the top we sat down and had a picnic.
To my amazement the little man walked all the way up AND down.

This was just day one of fun filled family vacation.
*My legs are still feeling the burn*


Emily said...

We're about 150 miles away (says google maps) although it never seems like that far when we drive past. I've been wanting to take a field trip there. Did you go to the visitor center?

Lil mama Karen said...

We went there via the highway 12 side and there is not a visitor center on that side of the mount. If you go via I-5 than there is a few visitor centers and also the johnson ridge observatory. We did listen to a park ranger that talk for 25 minutes or so about the mount and what happened on May 18 1980. Great info.