Monday, September 20, 2010

Day number five

Today marks the fifth day that the little lady has worn panties.
Some days she has had no accidents and others were filled full of many accidents and me about ready to give up and just put a diaper back on her.

But I have not given up.

Isn't she so cute in her little panties?
I have had a very hard time finding her some that fit her little bum. The 2T ones fall off but they work, the 18 month training pants fit but they are hard to find and bloomers fit her great but they are not really panties.

Maybe one day I will find some time that I can sit down and make her some that fit her perfectly and until then I am just going to love on these two amazing kids.


Jerrie said...

Wow! That's awesome she's made it through some days with no accidents!

The Smiths said...

Gebers makes some 18 months cotton training underpants. I think that I either found them at Target or Walmart.