Monday, December 28, 2009

Not me Mondays- The video post

For Christmas we did not get the little man a big wheel hopping that adjustable seat would help him to reach the peddles (on account of him being on the short side and all). We did not insist on a big wheel because both me and the hubby had them growing up and we dont live through your child at all.

So yesterday the little man did not try out his new 'bike' and come to find out that he still can not reach the peddles. So he did not have more fun pushing it around.

It was also not just above freezing outside, the neighbors yard was not still covered with frost while the hubby was not washing the car. So we dont now have a nice shinny sheet of ice in the driveway.

All of this did not happen while the little man was wearing his cow boots on the wrong feet. If you dont believe me than just see for yourself.

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